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Published: 12th January 2009
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Hospitality industry is associated with warmth, openness and hospitability. "Customer is God" is the mantra which the hospitality hotel industry follows very religiously. US famous hotels capture the essence of this statement very aptly. US famous Hotels combine the traditional and modern and give the best of both to the customer.

Most of the 4 star US famous hotels and 5 star famous US hotels try to showcase the rich traditions by serving authentic food and creating an ethnic ambience.

US famous hotels combined with world class facilities using modern technology. US hotels give the customer every worth to his penny or doller. Generally people are becoming very food conscious so good food along with low calorie food for the diet conscious is the norm of the day.

Famous Hotels for Tourism Industry and Hospitality Industry

Hotels are associated with the hospitality industry. People traveling for various purposes like business trip, pleasure trip need a place to stay depending on their budget. Hotels cater to all sections of the society; there are inns, motels or lodges for people who have a shoe-strung budget. People who can afford a little more can avail the use of 2 star or 3 star mid-sized hotels. And those belonging to the nouveau rich or those on business trip can afford the luxury of a 4 star or 5 star hotels. With tourism playing a major factor in the inflow of foreign visitors and also influx of many foreign companies in oversees markets the hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bounds. So apart from setting up exotic hotels in the country, hospitality industry is also looking at investing oversees and are setting up in hotels in other countries as well providing cut of the edge technologies to the foreign customers.

Hotels are rated based on a number of factors depending on the services they offer:
Famous luxury US Hotels(*****)

5 star US hotels come in the category of famous US luxury hotels which are highly priced because of the amenities they offer like famous suites, well-known famous chefs. The ambience is very sophisticated and elegant; they are located in the prime areas of the US city and have a host of other benefits like valet parking, a state-of -art gym with sauna and Jacuzzi, a world class business centre, concierge service, complimentary newspaper and coffee-maker in the rooms. High speed internet access is also available.
Famous US Deluxe Hotels(****)

4 star famous hotels give quality and comfort to the clients, they are located in areas which are easily accessible for other services like shopping, they have a valet parking, gym , business centre and concierge service.
Mid-scale US Famous Hotels(***)

3 star US hotels have neatly furnished rooms and lobbies. They are located in suburbs or highways and office complexes. They offer services of attached restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centre, room service, and parking.

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